“Children’s books should reflect their readers and the world they live in.  We live in a world full of all different kinds of people, and if we want to educate children meaningfully and completely, we have to be teaching them about all different kinds of people.” – Kate DePalma, co-author of The Barefoot Book of […]


Culture Chest is a new subscription box service that introduces children to different cultures every month.  Each box contains 1-2 diverse picture books based on a common theme like music or food and an activity such as a craft or recipe to do together.  Board books are available for ages 0-2 and picture books for ages […]


Bring world geography, cultural awareness, and lots of fun into your classroom or home all year long with Games Around the World. Children all over the world enjoy playing traditional games like tag, hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, and dominoes.  However, the names of the games, how they are played, and the materials they use may be different.  This […]


40 Ways to Go Global in the Elementary Classroom This post is part of a 40 Favorite Things Blog Hop.  Scroll down for more information, links to other posts, and a chance to win a $250 PayPal cash giveaway!!  Closes at midnight Pacific Time on September 19, 2016.  Children need lots of opportunities to learn about the diverse world around them.  Exploring world geography, […]


  What does it mean to be global? Rana DiOrio’s book will help you start this important conversation in your home or classroom.  Through simple text and beautiful illustrations, young learners will discover that being global means being a citizen of the world. Read Aloud & Discussion * This book doesn’t have page numbers, so for the purpose […]

I Am Malala-2

2013:  On her 16th birthday, Malala spoke at the United Nations (UN) to call for worldwide access to education.  The UN declared the event “Malala Day” which is now celebrated every year on her birthday – July 12. Malala and her father, Ziauddin, started the Malala Fund with the goal of helping all girls get 12 years of […]


Did you know that there is a festival in Spain in which thousands of people gather in the streets to throw tons of over-ripe tomatoes?  It is called La Tomatina, and it is held on the last Wednesday of August every year. Did you know that World Wildlife Day, World Day of Prayer, and World Poetry Day […]